Smart Wind Power Generation Solutions

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Smart Wind Power Generation Solutions

Location of wind power stations

Our company's wind simulation platform has advanced systems for wind energy resource assessment, wind power station macro location selection, and data storage management. We provide consulting services such as wind power plant development proposals, macro and micro site selection to power generation companies, etc., and quickly analyze the comparison between mesoscale and micro scale for the region where the project is located, improve the accuracy of simulation, and create wind power plant development proposals that are optimal for customers. We help our customers reduce their investment risk and increase their actual return on investment.

  • LCOE economic
    analysis model
  • Integrated support
    structure design
  • Unit layout power
    generation simulation
  • Environmental control
    system in Nacelle

LCOE economic analysis model

LCOE (Levelized cost of electricity) is the average unit cost of power generation per unit of capital cost or power generation, and is the ratio of the total cost of a product to the total power generation in its life cycle.
JE Wind uses the minimum LCOE as a design starting point to design wind power plants for the entire life cycle, including wind resource assessment, power generation enhancement, operational optimization, and product life extension and removal, with detailed management for each customer.

Integrated support structure design

Load simulation can be performed by the integrated design concept of the wind power generator, tower and foundation. Repeated simulations optimize the support structure frequency and load design and reduce the cost of the support structure. Of course, it is also possible to customize the wind power generator based on the supporting structure in cooperation with external designers.

Unit layout power generation simulation

It is necessary to analyze factors such as wind velocity and atmospheric stability of offshore wind power plants using wind condition measurement data, taking the impact of typhoons into full consideration. The optimization algorithm can be used to determine the wind farm layout that meets the constraints of the wind farm, thereby reducing the impact of wake flow and reducing the length of cables between wind farm units as much as possible to reduce construction costs, transmission and transformation losses and operating costs, thereby increasing project revenue.

Environmental control system in Nacelle

For offshore wind power, it is necessary to prevent corrosion due to salt damage. Blades, generators, towers and foundations are designed together to protect against corrosion. JE Wind's offshore wind facilities ensure the high safety and reliability of offshore wind units through the use of multiple heat dissipation technologies, dehumidification heating systems, labyrinth sealing systems and environmental control technologies within the nacelle, including remote monitoring to detect corrosion.

Optimum design

Based on the know-how accumulated by JE Wind, we propose solutions for smarter products. Our systems are designed to optimize the overall performance, including wind resource evaluation of wind power plants, comprehensive analysis of geographic information, control of airflow across wind farms, and interconnection conditions. The result is an intelligent wind farm that can generate more electricity and extend the life of wind turbines. In terms of transportation, we can work with experts on roads, power lines, and other areas to quickly design the delivery routes.

Project construction

JE Wind will construct wind power plants together with construction partners in Japan and provide one-stop services for integrated operation of wind power plants. We can also deliver wind power even if the quantity is one unit (a single generator) in order to meet customer needs and create maximum value.

Intelligent operation

AIntelligent Wind Power Generation Operation

JE Wind's management system reduces power loss, increases power generation, lowers operating costs, and enables highly efficient operation by centralizing management of operating performance, manufacturing and production, maintenance personnel, spare parts, and vehicles.

BIntelligent Operations Solutions

JE Wind has created the "Wind Power Plant Failure Diagnosis Microservice Platform" project, which builds wind power plant fault diagnosis algorithm model libraries and wind farm operational optimization model libraries. Parts and packages various data analysis algorithms for use in specialized applications. It automatically diagnoses, predicts and controls equipment quality, while at the same time achieving highly efficient equipment life cycle management.

CImproving quality and extending product life

CImproving quality and extending product life

Power Generation Improvement Solutions

一Strengths of JE Wind一
1. Advanced wingtip design
2. Power enhancement technology
3. Precision micro pitch control technology for all wind speeds
4. Maximum wind energy absorption control technology
5. Pitch Control Technology in Low Air Density Areas
6. Laser yawing error correction control
7. Storm control technology
8. Turbulence control technology
9. Energy saving control technology
10. Wind-control optimization technology

More than a dozen proposals for improving total power generation will maximize unit power generation performance. Through trend analysis and tracking of power generation capacity degradation indicators, early prediction of the degree of degradation of major power generation components was achieved. In addition, the wind resources are analyzed in comparison between the operation stage and the simulation stage, and when the power generation is low, the obstacle factors are analyzed, and optimization adjustment is made so that the power generation increases.

After-sales service

After the system connection is completed, the SCADA system is monitored by the technical staff, and regular and temporary maintenance jobs are performed by engineers with expertise as manufacturers. We stock more than 13000 parts for maintenance and repairs at all times. We provide product warranties for a period of time that meets customer needs through insurance companies, and offer proposals to customers to develop wind power plants with peace of mind.

Optimization Solutions

JE Wind's wind turbines are specifically designed for low wind speed environments, and by optimizing the settings for each item, the performance of the generator can be improved. JE Wind's product line is adaptable to diverse and complex environments. It still has high efficiency and stable power generation capacity even in environments such as dust wind, salt damage, freezing, lightning, thunderstorms, low temperatures, and high temperatures.