Japan's Core for the Future of Energy

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・As of 2020, this unit is the only 2 MW unit in Japan that has obtained type certification.

・A number of overseas achievements.

・Actualized high-quality constructions and maintenance through our skilled technology. Learn More

・Our unique design philosophy reduces the number of components, increases power generation efficiency, and reduces the costs of building wind power plants.

・Our field cluster control system provides high stability, reliability, and power generation performance for the wind power plant as a whole.

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・Shorten the time required for your new power generation business to start, because no building application is required.

・Higher power generation with the incorporated pitch control system.

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・Design certification acquired.

・The largest offshore wind farm in terms of wind receiving area per kilowatt, enabling highly efficient and high power generation. Learn More

・New speed torque control algorithm and optimal control parameters for low load and high power generation.

・ Reduce operational costs and improve operational efficiency by developing and providing maintenance plans through AI maintenance systems. Learn More

Onshore Wind

Offshore Wind

Strengths of JE Wind

  • Increase in amount of generating electrical power
    Multi-sensor/AI control improves power generation by 5% compared to the same type electric power generator.
    Increased by +5%
  • Operation rate
    By reducing the number of parts, we reduce the number of malfunctions and significantly improve the operation rate.
    Operation rate >98%
  • Cost reduction
    Platform design reduces costs.
    Cost -20%
  • Minimum order quantity
    We accept the smallest order quantity of 1 unit.
    M.O.Q. 1 unit

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