JE Wind Turbines

JE 5.X/6.XMW

Characteristics of this Unit

Platform design

  • ・A range of customizable platforms based on wind conditions
  • ・Our new Speed Torque Control Algorithm and Optimal Control Parameters can actualize low load and high power generation
  • ・The highest level of our test verification system ensures high reliability

Innovative technologies

  • ・DWM analysis and its control technology enhance the operational stability of the entire wind farm
  • ・By applying IGCT technology, the efficiency of the power generation system is high and the life cycle costs are low

Low Construction Costs

  • ・We have improved the overall farm capacity utilization with the incorporation of Intelligent functions such as alarm systems to unpredictable abnormality occurrence in large components
  • ・Replacement life forecast system, failure prognostic forecast system
  • ・Remote failure diagnosis system, and product condition forecast system

Making It More Intelligent

  • ・The installation of blades onto hubs can be done in different construction environments such as on shipboards or at sea ports, which can shorten the construction period
  • ・Towers and foundations are custom-designed for a lighter weight and lower costs

Technical parameters