JE Wind Turbines


Unit characteristic

Drive system

  • ・A range of platform products that can be customized according to wind conditions.
  • ・The combination of optimum control of gearbox + high speed permanent magnet generator + current transformer makes the system highly adaptable.
  • ・Compact and light weight due to large bearing + 2-point support transmission chain structure.
  • ・The wind receiving area per kilowatt is the largest among offshore wind power generators, so it is highly efficient and generates a large amount of electricity.


  • ・Labyrinth seal, unique internal and external circulation cooling technology, and control technology in harsh marine environments.
  • ・Air-cooled gearbox and generator cooler provide high reliability and low power consumption.
  • ・The bottom portion of the tower is modular for easy installation.
  • ・All models in this series have obtained design certification that is strong against typhoons, ensuring safety even in storms.
  • ・As a result of corrosion tests, it has been verified that a lifetime of 25 years can be guaranteed.


  • ・Modularization of the tower bottom frame reduces verification time during assembly.
  • ・Integrated design of tower and foundation structure to reduce weight of foundation structure.

Technical parameters