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We design high-power wind turbines to lead the development of offshore wind power generation in Japan. Highly reliable main shaft support system and new transmission structure are adopted. Through simulations using big data analysis technology, we can solve technical problems such as blade length extension, gearboxes that transmit large torque, and also the designing, manufacturing, construction, and transportation of large-capacity generators.

・By using one of the world's longest carbon fiber blades, our blades can capture more wind energy while reducing blade weight to achieve optimal matching of blades and power units.
・Optimum bearing support improves load carrying capacity and reduces the load on the gearbox.
・The integrated design of the gearbox and generator makes the structure much smaller and reduces costs.
・The power generation system of the PLZ-4W has improved efficiency while minimizing wear and tear, and the number of cables has been reduced to simplify the wiring processes.
・We apply AI and big data technologies.


Floating offshore wind power generation

The overall structure of the floating platform consists of three parts.

Wind power generation units: 5 MW/6.2 MW units manufactured by JE Wind

Floating platform: Consists of three cylindrical main floating bodies connected by a frame structure. The main unit consists of a float, ballast tank and balance board.

Mooring system: The weight is installed vertically on the mooring cable to increase the tension of the cable and increase the rigidity of the floating structure.


To cope with a tropical cyclone, conventionally, it is necessary to shorten a blade and increase strength, but by adopting a carbon blade, even a long blade can cope with the tropical cyclone.

Hydrogen system

JE Wind supports the Power to Gas (hydrogen) business.

Contributing to the Hydrogen Society by Designing and Constructing the whole system as described below in response to actual situations. We have developed a technology to convert electric power generated by windmills into hydrogen instead of storage batteries. The Wind Turbine Hydrogen Project is going to start in 2020.