JE Wind Turbines

JE 3.X/4.X MW

Unit characteristic

More progressive

  • ・Improve the facility operation rate by using intelligent functions/methods such as abnormality alarm for large parts, replacement life prediction, failure prediction, remote failure diagnosis, and product condition prediction.
  • ・The mature modular design platform is easy to standardize and serialize from unit to component, and is highly safe and reliable.
  • ・Various output tuning techniques can be used to adapt to various wind farm conditions.

More economical

  • ・A unique design philosophy can reduce the number of components, increase power generation, and lower the costs of building wind power plants.
  • ・The wind receiving area is 6 m2/kW or more, and the power generation in the wind speed zone of 5-10 m/s is high.

Much Smarter

  • ・Our systems meet the latest FRT requirements and voltage rise suppression requirements required by electric power companies.
  • ・The field group control system provides high stability, high reliability and high power generation performance for the entire wind power plant.
  • ・The unit operation status can be received and monitored in real time, and remote diagnosis and fault location can be analyzed and determined by specialists.

Technical parameters